One of joys of looking for a new job is the ability to meet people and explore technologies that you may otherwise not.  I was completely open to all opportunities: big companies and small, public and private, established and stealth mode startups.  I spent some time with the smart folks at Rapid7, a leading provider of unified vulnerability management, compliance and penetration testing solutions.  That’s where I learned about Metasploit, an open source project created to provide information about exploit techniques through a knowledge base and tools for security professionals.

A recent post describes a fingerprinting technique to determine the identity of a PostgeSQL server when you don’t have credentials to the database.  Check it out here:

Did you know that in the days of Mark Twain, fingerprinting was not considered to be an acceptable form of forensic science?  In fact, Twain’s novel, Puddn’head Wilson, was titled after a character that liked to collect fingerprints as a hobby.  In a dramatic ending, Wilson solves the murder mystery by matching fingerprints.