The above line was my favorite tweet from The 2010 O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo.  I wasn’t at the show, but Sean Doherty, EnterpriseDB’s Vice President of Business Development couldn’t resist the opportunity to speak with attendees about Postgres.  Bold and brazen, Sean entered the Santa Clara Hyatt with a box of 200 “Postgres is In” t-shirts.  He brought reinforcements with him, concerned that he wouldn’t have enough time to hand them all out.  Within two minutes of opening the box, a line of conference attendees formed through the lobby of the Santa Clara Hyatt to get a shirt.  Ten minutes later, the Postgres t-shirts were gone.  No reinforcements needed.  Sean Doherty is a “dude” and our hero.

There was a not so subtle difference to the conference this year over last.  I watched several of the talks online after the conference was over.  Many interesting sessions that were not centered on MySQL were held, including Drizzle, MariaDB, and No-SQL.   As I viewed Edward Screven’s State of the Dolphin keynote online (after I noticed what a nice job Mark Matthew’s did in his demo) the background stunned me.  There was a large bold “O’Reilly” sign centered on the stage.  In the video, you barely ever saw MySQL signage at all.  Compare that to the 2009 conference keynotes and you will see a big difference.  Building on this theme, Tim O’Reilly nailed it in an interesting talk on the future of “Open Source and Open Data in the Cloud.”

So maybe it was not so weird to receive a Postgres t-shirt at the show after all. Maybe the weird thing was that Postgres community did not participate in this show.  Maybe Tim should consider renaming the show next year to The 2011 O’Reilly Open Data, Postgres, and MySQL Conference & Expo.  I think I know where he could find the Founding Sponsor. 😉